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The church of the monastery is in Byzantine style, and at first was built around the end of 18th century, by a farmer. He allegedly considered as a divine message the three children that his wife gave birth to, so for this reason he built the church dedicated to Saint Trinity. The church, with the passage of time became abandonded,  until 1815 when it was chosen by the monk Neophytos, for him to live in isolation.During late 19th century, people carried from Pythagorion area (Alykes), the ancient Greek columns that now support the dome of the church (allegedly from the site of an ancient temple dedicated to Aphrodite) and in 1905 the church was re-built. In 1920 the carved marble altarpiece was also constructed  and the frescoes were painted.

Originally, the founder of the monastery Neophytos, was a monk in the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, where after disagreements with other monks he left and isolated himself in “ascetisism” at “Megalo Horafi” area (1 km. East of the monastery). He then build the chapel of St. John the Baptist and a few cells, for himself and other monks who followed him to live in. The patriarchate reprimanted him for his departure from the Zoodochos Pigi monastery,  so Neophytos, who wanted to isolated himself further, moved to the area of Mitilinii, in the abandoned chapel of Agia triada (holy Trinity) of the farmer.
After 4 years of isolation, Neophytos went to visit a small monastery with just few monks, in honor of Zoodochos Pigi,  near Pagonda. The monks proposed to him to become the abbot of the monastery and he accepted, with the consent of the Patriarchate.
He remained 5 years as abbot of the monastery, but along with some monks who followed him, he went back again to the chapel of “Agia Triada”, and in 1824 they build the first cells around the church, which Neophytos had by then bought from the Patriarchate. The nostalgia and love for his first monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, made him name the monastery “new Zoodochos Pigi”.

The abbot and now owner of the monastery, monk Neophytos, died in 1854 at the age of 76, after serious injuries caused to him by bandits, trying to obtain information about the treasures of the monastery.
In his will, he bequeath the monastery to the “Orthodox church”, excluding his relatives from any claim, he also defined as abbot the monk Parthenius, specifying also the manner of next abbots selection.

  • Features

  • Foundation year : 1824
  • Founder : Monk Neophytos
  • Inhabited : By 1 monk
  • Responsible : Monk Andreas Karaminas
  • Celebration : +5 & +49 & +50 days from Orthodox Easter
  • Altitude : Elevation ≈ 120 m
  • Condition : Good
  • Admission

  • Access is free to the public.  Entrance to the monastery is allowed only when properly dressed, with decorous clothing.

Opening Hours


8:00-13.00 & 16:00–20:00


8:00-13.00 & 16:00–20:00


8:00-13.00 & 16:00–20:00


8:00-13.00 & 16:00–20:00


8:00-13.00 & 16:00–20:00


8:00-13.00 & 16:00–20:00


8:00-13.00 & 16:00–20:00

Entrance to the monastery with decorous clothing


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Mitilinii Samos T.K. 83103


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