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At the southwest end of Platanos village in Samos, is the former parish church of the village, dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary, celebrated on August 15th. According a carving at the entrance of the church, was built in 1787.

The church belongs to the category of compound double aisles and each aisle belonging to a different style. The southern aisle of the church is built in the style of the one-aisled Basilica with dome and internal dimensions 4,40 m x 11,70 m and height 6,05 m (up to the top of the dome). The northern aisle is of the type of single-aisled basilica without dome and internal dimensions 3,05 m x 11,70 m and height 5,50 m..

The very spacious narthex, at the western part of the church, it’s the same for both aisles, while the 1st floor,up of narthex, were used like gynekonite (section only for women’s), which it’s completely open to both aisles

At the middle of the west side of the narthex, there is a tower-like base, which is the entrance of the church and at the same time was support the marble bell tower of the church which has been destroyed.

From the way of two aisles construction, it is concluded that both belong to the original construction of the church, while probably the section of narthex was constructed in a later stage and later the bell tower at the entrance of the church. The oblique support wall, at the central part of the southern side of the church, was last added in the middle of the 20th century.

The floor is paved and parts with pebbles, while at the center of the southern aisle there is a marble slab, carved with the two-headed eagle and other decorations. On the walls there are plaster decorations of 18th and 19th century Balkan art style, which unfortunately have been altered by paint.

Of particular artistic value are the wood-carved iconostasis of the two aisles, the wood-carved Episcopal throne as well as the icon of the Virgin Mary’s construction of 1831.

Ιt has been declared a historic listed monument since 1981 (ΦΕΚ 207/Β/9-4-1981)

  • Features

  • Foundation : 1787
  • Celebration : August 15 (Assumption of Virgin Mary)
  • Altitude :  Elevation ≈ 520 m
  • Condition : good
  • Administratively : former parish church.
  • Getting there

  • The church located at the southwest end of Platanos village, with easy access, only on foot.

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The church is closed and opening at the feast of the church, on August 15th and after consultation with the parish priest of the village


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