Samos district contains all villages and settlements of North-East part of Samos island. Incorporated 9 villages, it is 125,1 in extent with population 12.500 inhabitants.

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it is a beach with small pebbles, calm waters, which mainly serves the locals of the settlement and guests of hotels. Located in the settlement of Posιdonιο which is enclosed by a beautiful bay where frequented many sailing boats. By following the…

located in Kokkari village, which will have to cross to get there. Is a picturesque pebble beach, with clear and calm sea waters, since protected by the cape to the west. The beach serving mainly locals and the hotel guests which are behind, but…

it’s a nice beach with big pebbles shining in the sun, clear water and realy fresh. Relax on the beach or in the restaurant, and if you stay up late in the afternoon, enjoy the sunset

A very clean beach with blue waters, but also big waves for several days a year. Handsome seabed for diving and small bays which are not obvious and must be discovered.

are three small beaches scattered in the settlement, with calm waters since protected by the cape to the north of the settlement. Here frequented mainly locals and guests of the settlement hotels.

The castle of Loulouda is an impressive fortification, at the top of the towering and steep rock 600 m. height, at the south of Kokkari village.

Few traces have remained of the castle that is built at the midlle of 7th century, on the peak “Lazaros” of Mountain “Ambelos” (or Karvounis) at Samos island.

The village was built early of 17th century and the name comes (in Greek, Palaio-kastro=old castle) from a small castle (Byzantine period), which was probably built during the 7th-8th a.c.

The library has about 30,000 items. It’s housed in a two-storey neoclassical building and built in 1893-1895. The two-storey neoclassical building. The mansion was owned to “Miltiades George”, who bequeathed it by will in 1900, in…

Smallest but not least

It’s one of the smallest villages in the island, with plenty of water, surrounded with lush vegetation, vineyards and orchards and has excellent view to the north.