Samos consists of 2 towns and 34 villages, which make up the municipality of Samos. The municipality is divided in four sections, Vathi with 9 communities (villages), Karlovasi with 10 communities (villages), Pythagorean with 11 communities (villages) and Marathokampou with 5 communities (villages).

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Agii Theodori (Greek: Άγιοι Θεόδωροι) is located in the center part of the island, between the mountains Kerkis and Ambelos.

The village It has rich water sources and is surrounded with lush vegetation, the greatness of which is shown at “Platanakia” area that is almost united with the village and operating restaurants and hotels, under towering plane trees…

They were the capital of the island, for about 250 years, taking the scepter from the mili village at 1600, and gave it to Samos town (then named Vathi) at the summer of 1854, by hegemony Ioannis Ghika.